Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Victory in first skirmish-main battle to follow

My Leader (who is quicker off the mark than I am) has noticed a report in the Champion-sadly not available in the online edition as far as I can see. he writes:

Readers will recall that we Lib Dems recently exposed the ridiculous level of allowances being paid by the Labour run local Transport Authority. The paper quotes a Merseytavel spokesperson as saying “The Authority has agreed to an independent review of members’ allowances and has approached someone appropriate for the role.”

I wonder who the reviewing person is? I also wonder why when all local Councils have had Independent Remuneration Panels for many years now setting the amount of councillors allowances why Merseytravel has not had one?

Two big battles need to be won before we turn to the inadequate governance arrangements that are at the centre of matter.
  • an inquiry into the tram fiasco -£70m
  • the reversal of their long standing policy to take over the rails as well as the rolling stock-a policy they have spent £1.5m on. We are now going to forgo the greater efficiency and cost savings. We need to know why? The clear suggestion is that it has been done at the behest of Bob Crowe and the RMT. We need to know the truth
It is worth recalling that the Labour Leader refused to appear on the same platform at Crowe...

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