Thursday, 28 July 2011

Upper Aughton Rd -progress at last, new affordable houses start date Sept 2011

I've been batting away for a long time trying to get the bit of derelict land in Upper Aughton Rd developed with low cost housing.  We desperately need the homes and the folk around about have had to put up with a boarded site for far too long.

The site was originally owned by Servite Houses who (after years of doing nothing) sold it on to Adactus Housing. Richard Hands and I decided we needed to go and visit them in the HQ in Leigh to try and get a handle on progress. They did submit a planning application but then things went quiet.

I am delighted to report that after writing to them again I have received a letter confirming that a contractor has been appointed and that they start on site on 12th September 2011

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