Saturday, 23 July 2011


Ainsdale councillor Haydn Preece has hit out at council Tree Department officials, wasting money in Ainsdale village. Three weeks ago Councillor Preece urgently reported an up rooted tree in Station Road. The tree a maturing, substantial sapling, sadly had been blown over during a stormy night. Cllr Preece coincidentally was catching the first train to Liverpool and emailed the council tree department at 5:30am.
Cllr Preece said "I was horrified that evening to see the tree had not been re planted and given a chance to re-establish itself. Instead a bare hole was left with a stake in the ground. When I questioned the Tree Department they stated it was not possible to replant the tree as the roots had dried out, how can that be possible in a few hours? I cannot accept this, it was a easy option with no care for the area or tree. Surely the Tree Department at a time of cuts,pardon the pun, should have given the tree a chance of re-establishing itself. Then last week I got a request for the tree to be replaced with a contribution of £200 from our Area Ward fund. I question the motives of sub contractors who can profit from such actions and in another example a charitable group have been quoted £400 to plant a tree to commemorate Maureen Fearns Mayoral Year in the town centre. At a time when Ainsdale has been scared by the amount of trees cut down in foliage this summer which has angered Ainsdale residents, surely a young healthy tree out of the ground for just hours had to be replanted. I have asked for a written report on the matter and the costings of planting trees in Sefton."

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