Monday, 4 July 2011

Scrap Trident keep OAP travel and accept Dilnot

Two very important reports today-Andrew Dilnot on funding social care and Graham Allen on early intervention and how to fund it.

I shall return to the early intervention report later. As to Social Care, I have remarked before that this is a significant issue here in Southport with people with very modest means being frightened about how they are going to cope. It is commonplace-but none the less true- to say that this has been shoved in the 'too hard to solve' draw for too long. With hindsight the Sutherland Commission got it wrong. Today Dilnot provides a another chance. The full report and evidence is here. The implementation cost are in the 'early billions' I see the Social Market Foundation is suggesting that we scrap OAP free travel to pay for it-nonsense. This is a time to revisit whether as a nation we can afford Trident's replacement and whether it serves an useful purpose anyway.

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