Monday, 18 July 2011

Olly Grender Hackgate Quiz

Some of you will have missed Olly Grender's hackgate quiz. I feel sure it couldbe expanded!

Question: Which party called for the criminalisation of payment to Police by media following Culture Committee report?

Answer: LibDems in June 2003 calls were ignored by whoever was in Govt at the time ...... who was it?

Question: who was the first MP to call for a judicial inquiry into phone hacking?

Answer: 9/7/2009: Chris Huhne, LibDem Home Affairs Spokesman, called for a full investigation into the phone-hacking scandal. 2010 February 24th: Chris Huhne is the first politician to call for a judicial inquiry into Phone Hacking.

Question :who said “Only party that has consistently taken a thoughtfully independent position on this issue has been the LibDems"?

Answer: Lord Puttnam on Media plurality 4/11/10 criticising Lab for initially opposing his amendments in Communications Bill

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