Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Nancy Seear and a robin

This is a somewhat random post. I've had a couple of photos on my phone for a while meaning to blog about them. The first is of the magnificent and formidable Nancy Seear. I was trying to find a decent photo of her on the internet to illustrate a posting about a meeting of the policy committee and the disastrous 'dead parrot ' .  policy statement. Frankly there were none. I was in the NLC for the first time in a long time to attend the Liberal History group meeting which included a contribution on Richard Wainwright by the author of his biography. The Church Commissioners were about to assemble in the Violent Bonham Carter Room for dinner as I walked passed I noticed a portrait of Lady Seear. I bring it to you now

The second is from the allotment as  is of a robin that perched on my spade and sang his heart out.

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  1. If you google "Nancy Seear robin" of course the first thing which comes up is Birkdale Focus. A little further down you get the Internet Movie Database entry for Question Time 4th May 1989 which lists: "Robin Day as Himself (as Sir Robin Day)" and "Nancy Seear as Herself (as Rt Hon Baroness Nancy Seear". Did they think it was a costume drama with eponymous actors ?


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