Friday, 1 July 2011

£1.5m the cost of Dowd giving into RMT?

The suggestion that the Labour Leader of Mersytravel capitulated to the RUM over moves to have vertical integration-that is to run both the rail track and the rolling stock- would seem to many have been confirmed by a statement from Bob Crowe reported in the Liverpool Post this morning

RAIL union leader Bob Crow has praised a U-turn on plans to allow Merseyside to run its own rail network.

Earlier this week, passenger authority Merseytravel voted to break off negotiations about introducing the system, known as “vertical integration” on Merseyrail.

This was despite having spent £1.5m pressing for the new powers over many years.

In May, Sir Roy McNulty’s railway review said Merseyrail was an ideal place to test out vertical integration, when full control of both track and trains is handed over to one organisation.

Merseytravel chief executive Neil Scales has long been a champion of owning the track locally, believing it would drive down costs and lead to a better service.

No wonder there are so many Labour knives out for Dowd. It is widely held now that the shenanigans at the Sefton cabinet to give an extra seat to Labour (backed by our Tories) was designed to shore up Dowds position.
This is fast become and expensive farce. If Labour were truly concerned with jobs and services  they would have held their ground and pursued the policy they have advocated for a long time.

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