Friday, 10 June 2011

This would have delighted Jo Grimond

MONDRAGON Corporation, Yearly Report 2010 (english) from MONDRAGON Corporation on Vimeo.
We have been banging on for sometime on this blog about the missing element in policy -namely employee ownership. Liberal from J S Mill to Keynes via Elliot Doods and on to Jo Grimond have argued the case. In 1979 Grimond published The Common Welfare in which he reported on a visit he had made to the Mondragon Co ops of the Basque lands with journalist Robert Oakshott. Out of that work the Job Ownership Ltd organisation was founded which is today known as the Employee Ownership Association. 

I was very impressed with the new Mondragon Annual Report published on vimeo recently charting the considerable expansion that the co ops have undergone. It was well worth a look

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