Saturday, 11 June 2011

Southport FC survive

News is out that Southport FC will play in the Conference Premier Division next year because Rushden and Diamonds have been expelled. The AGM of the League is today ahead of a court hearing for R&D next week. It is understood that R&D owe in the region of £750k.

Altringham FC have three times been saved from relegation at the AGM when other clubs have gone out of business and now Southport are the latest winners of the AGM CUP. The main point though concerns the financial fragility of much of football and maybe it is another example of the inappropriateness of the share ownership model in this area. Southport is a club that is run on a very sound footing always living within their means but too many others are the playthings of rich folk who are here today and gone tomorrow leaving despair and disappointment in their wake.  R&D is an example which was for a few season the financed by a local sugar daddy whose money came from Dr Martin boots. He moved his factory from Northamptonshire to somewhere cheaper and seems to have lost interest. Many of us would like to see the growth of supporters trusts as a more appropriate vehicle of ownership. In that context I was unaware until last week of the contribution made by Kingston Liberal Councillor Richard Lillicrap to the growth of the Supporters Trust movement. (please take time out to read this posting)

And to add to Southport FC's joy I understand that Chairman Charlie Clapham is in the Honours list today

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