Monday, 6 June 2011

Liberal Youth and the future

I see that the Liberal Youth new exec has been election. Congratulation to Birkdale's own Sarah Harding on being elected as Policy Officer. Due to Sarah's hyper active twitter account I was aware of her achievement even before Lib Dem Voice carried the news.

Sarah Harding is pictured here with lauren Keith who was our excellent candidate in Cambridge Ward this May. Sarah and Lauren were amongst a group of young people who worked very hard during the General Election. Regular readers will have seen pictures of Lauren's 'Thank You' party that was held on Saturday.

It all take me back to my time as Political Vice Chair of NLYL in 1974/5. But there has been enough nolstalgia recently particularly the other weekend in Cambridge when David Grace was celebrating his 60th birthday. I well recall David's put down to a detractor who reviewing his early glitering achievement opined that the problem with DG was that he had peaked too early-'Oh no I didn't, I've not finished yet!' he replied. So let us look to the future and with the likes of Lauren and Sarah we have every reason to do so with confidence.

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