Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Labour capitulates to rail unions is £1.5m U Turn?

The blog reported on the bloated pay out to Mark Dowd as chair of Merseystravel (more to follow). In the past their poor governance arrangements have been highlighted, the financial disaster of the tram  and now we learn of a U turn costing £1.5m carried out -many alleged- at the behest of the rail unions.

Tony Roberson comments-link on blog roll on the right- and the Liverpool Daily Post has the full story. That is £1.5 million down the tubes and a plan that is seen as a sensible way forward scuppered. the Chief Exec told the meeting:

....... £1.5m has already been spent investigating taking over the tracks, which is included in the region’s official Local Transport Plan.
And as the Post reports:
Last night Labour chairman Mark Dowd denied the party had caved into pressure from railway unions and said it was not worth taking the risk. I think there is too much uncertainty, we are better under government control.”

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