Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Emptying your bins -surely a local decision

The last figures I saw suggested that to introduce a weekly bin collection in to Sefton would be several million pounds-significantly eclipsing the 'bribe' that it has been suggested the government was thinking of handing out. The story-originating in The Telegraph- has never been owned by the DCLG and therefore must be either an inspired guess, a deliberate attempt to put pressure on the Department to adopt the policy or plain mischief making.

I know rumours abound that what the Department is actually considering is help in collecting food waste weekly. Sefton already has such a scheme so it would be a tad mean if a scheme was introduced that penalised those who have adopted a good policy in the first place. We shall see.

It does strike me that this type of decision is supremely the sort of decision that should be take locally. Essentially when you are making a choice between spending an extra £7m on bin collection or investing in Children's Centres or Arts funding or old people care that is a decision that is best taken locally weighing local factor rather by diktat from Central government  who may be more interested in placating the editor of the Daily Mail than providing a good service locally within the restraint of the present budget settlement

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