Monday, 27 June 2011

Dowd in mega ratepayer 'rip off'- read all about it

For your information, Merseytravel had its AGM this afternoon.  Cllr Mark Dowd (exceedingly tribal, Old Labour, Bootle)  was elected chair of Merseyside Integrated Transport Authority and chair of the following committees, Policy & Resources, Rail Services, giving him a measly sum of £42,184!.
The Lib Dem group moved that the following amendment,
Amendment to item 17 - Members Allowance Scheme 2011/12
Delete recommendations (i) and (ii) and replace with:-
(i) Note the continuing opposition of the Liberal Democrat group to the payment of multiple special responsibility allowances on the authority.
(ii) Merseyside Integrated Transport Authority is the only ITA that allows members to claim more that one SRA (Special Responsibility Allowance) at any one time, has more positions which pay special responsibility allowances, and spends more on member allowances than any other ITA.
West Midlands
Tyne & Wear
Greater Manchester
West Yorkshire
South Yorkshire
35 SRAs
16 SRAs
6 SRAs
7 SRAs
12 SRAs
9 SRAs
No limit on SRAs claimed
Only 1 SRA per member
Only 1 SRA per member
Only 1 SRA per member
Only 1 SRA per member
Only 1 SRA per member
Furthermore, Merseyside Integrated Transport Authority is the only ITA where councillors set their own allowances, whereas all other authorities appoint an independent panel.
(iii) The authority recognises the need for transparency and public confidence in the way Councillors are paid.
Therefore the authority resolves to defer decision on the suggested member allowance scheme, subject to a full review by an independent panel whose membership is to be subject to agreement by the three party leaders.

Needless to say this was not carried

I would add this is not the full extent of his personal take from the council tax payers. He trousers a lot more- but we don't expect Trinity Newspapers to give him the full treatment.

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