Wednesday, 11 May 2011

Tiny Tory group put Labour in control of Sefton

Don't take my word for it the Southport Visiter has the story  The third party on the Council, the Conservatives , have decided to put Labour in control even though they do not have a majority, as the Visiter report:

'Conservative deputy leader Cllr Brenda Porter said there was “no chance” of the Tories linking up with the Lib Dems.

She said Labour would be given an opportunity to take leadership of the council.

Some Conservative members have urged well-respected Cllr Robertson (Lib Dem) to stay as leader.

Sir Ron Watson said: “The question is do you have a new leader of the council whose policies are not followed by the other two parties, or do you have a leader from a minority party? I would like to see a vote of confidence in Tony Robertson. The council needs to test the waters.”

Once again the small Tory group is divided. All last year the Labour party opposed the essential budget reductions playing up to ever aggrieved group seeking to give the impression that if they were in control that thing would be different. As the Tory leader told the Visiter:

Conservative group leader Paula Parry said: “Labour were just electioneering by opposing everything that we did. It was their government that started all this.....

All of which begs the question why the Tories would choose to put the Bootle Labour Party in control of the council instead of following the hardheaded advice of their former Leader who nobody would accuse of lacking political nouse.

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