Monday, 30 May 2011

Sunday Times reports purge of Tory approved parliamentary candidates – local detail awaited

This week’s Sunday Times has an interesting article saying that the Tories have carried out a massive purge of their approved candidates list.

No doubt the local impact of the purge will emerge in the next few days, but the story makes interesting reading as it stands.  To quote a couple of paragraphs:

"Deborah Dunleavy, a 2010 candidate who featured in a newspaper spread of "Cameron's cuties", is also among about 150 Tory hopefuls, most of whom have fought in one or more elections, who were dumped from the party's approved list last week."

"There were also claims that Conservative headquarters was targeting right-wing and Euro-sceptic candidates.  One of those rejected, an avowed Eurosceptic. said: "It's a wholesale slaughter of right-wingers."  "

If Right-wingers and Euro-sceptics are being dropped so freely, there must surely be serious doubts about the future of those unsuccessful parliamentary candidates who have been widely criticised for sounding more like "Municipal Socialists" rather than Conservatives..........................

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