Thursday, 5 May 2011

Lauren Keith and the promiscuous prince.

Southport is awash with references to the last Duke of Cambridge, Prince George-whose appetite for irregular relations with women was impressive even by royal standards. We have Cambridge Rd, Cambridge Gardens, Cambridge Walks all of which were named after the promiscuous prince.

Apart from is entangle private life  Prince George is best remembered for being the last Royal Commander in Chief. He was seen as a major obstacle to reform of the army and it fell to Campbell Bannerman to remove him. He did not want to go. Queen Victoria was keen that the Duke of Connought should take over and he was bitterly disappointed when CB scuppered that plan. Nevertheless it is a mighty testimony to CB's diplomatic skills that he got his Army Reforms through complete with the removal of Prince George and that he managed to fall out with none of the key players. 

My colleague Lauren Keith-who is contesting Cambridge Ward today- has suggested that when the refurbishment of the Arts Centre is complete the building should revert to its original name -The Cambridge Hall. 

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