Saturday, 2 April 2011

Traffic worries over St Tomas Moore site

Councillor Haydn Preece has been consulting residents on Liverpool Road and Heathfield Road, Ainsdale about the proposed new Bellway housing estate. He has been dealing with road safety issues primarily on Liverpool Road and the concerns of Heathfield Road residents about a couple of plots being very close to existing buildings.
What has also come to light is the mystery behind the imposing white statue, inset into the exterior of the St Thomas More front building. Residents have requested Councillor Preece to consult with the planners to preserve the statue on site.  Councillor Preece is very hopeful this can be achieved along with a number of established trees, some of whom are over seventy years old.
A number of residents have talked about documentation that stated the magnificent statute should always remain on the site but at present no one can find any existing papers. Councillor Preece would like to hear from anyone who can shed light on the statue, it's origins, the name of the sculpture, and any historical documentation that may strengthen the argument to retain the statue on the site. He can be contacted on 07768000818 

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