Wednesday, 6 April 2011

Age Concern UDI

yesterday saw me at the Vincent Hotel on Lord St to witness rge declaration of UDI by Age Concern in Sefton.

In brief the background is that Help the Aged and Age Concern England have merged. These leaves all the seperately registered charities that are the local Age Concern groups with the choice of joining up to the new merged meg organisation -Age UK-or paddling their own canoe.

The local Age Concern-Liverpool and Sefton- has chosen the route of independence. The whole Age Concern movement began in this neck of the woods growing out of an initiative from the Merseyside based charity PSS where the Old people's Welfare Committee was established under the chair of Eleanor Rathbone. This grew into the National Old People's Welfare Committee and finally into Age Concern.

The packed meeting in Southport backed the move and a very professional launch convinced even the sceptics that this was the right move

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