Monday, 14 March 2011

Welcome to Sheffield-Cleggzilla et al

Welcome to Sheffield. The police are very helpful-even though none of them seemed to come from Sheffield and didn't have any notion as to where any of the hotels are or the pubs were to be found.

I am most unimpressed with the demonstrators. There are comparatively few of them and most of them are Trots. I was standing on the steps of the City Hall surveying the scene with some YL’s of circa 1960/70's and we unanimously concluded that we could teach them a thing or two. They certainly had no stamina. There weren't many in the first place and there were even fewer of them when it started to rain. On Sunday morning they scarcely put in an appearance. Folk coming from a generation after me were equally unimpressed. One thing that hasn't changed though was the complete absence of an alternative plan-apart from smashing the capitalist system, not repaying our debts and letting the state govern every corner of our lives. Mind you the standard chant was one of 'scum, scum Nazi' -that both shows a poverty of language and a frightening ignorance about what happened in the second world war.

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