Tuesday, 15 March 2011

Video of Tim Farron at Social Liberal Forum

Tim Farron was omnipresent at the Spring Conference. His speech at the rally has been well reported so we thought that we would bring you a snippet of his contribution to the Social Liberal Forum. Tim tells us that he has checked the DNA of Tories and they are human.
The Social Liberal Forum has quickly filled a gap filled in the past by the likes of  Radical Bulletin, the Radical Reform Group and the Liberal Movement.
Interestingly one of the questions that came up at the meeting was the scope for extremist parties to grow if Liberal Democrats were not active and successful. Back in the 1950's Desmond Banks addressed the same point:

 'If there were no Liberal Party' he declared in a speech at Ruan Minor in Cornwall in March 1956, 'we might well be witnessing today the growth of some dangerous movement akin to that of M.Poujade in France'


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