Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Pupil Premium impact and Rotton Row

I was at a School Governor's meeting last night and one of the issues that came up on the agenda was the Pupil Premium. The fine details are not important her but something in the order of 50 children in the school qualify as they receive free school meals. This is a really useful sum of money and the school has some imaginative plans to ensure that these children get the benefit.

One other matter of general interest that came up was a project that the year 5 pupils were involved with concerning Rotton Row. This is an 'iconic' bit of Southport as the old postcard one the right shows. It borders the park where the Southport Flower Show is held in August. Sadly in recent years the council has not been able to maintain the long herbaceous as it was in it's heyday. It is clear that in present economic climate that we will not be able to restore the site using traditional council commissioning. It occurred to several people that this we should be seeking to engage the services of the great gardening  volunteer army in the town.

I am delighted that one of the people that the idea occurred to was our old friend Ralph Gregson of the Birkdale Civic Society.. I chanced to meet Ralph and his wife Pat in town last week and he told me of the money that they have secured and the plans that he has to restore the site. Part of the scheme that will be undertaken this year is with the year 5 pupils from Farnborough Rd school.. so well done Ralph and Farnborough Rd.

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