Thursday, 24 March 2011

Princes and aristocrats

The noble Lord Bonkers continues the aristocratic interest in Anarchism with an erudite Guest Post from Ruth Kinna an academic and author. The post is about her recent publication; 'The beginners Guide to Anarchism' she explains:

The book explores a number of ideas of anarchy. Amongst these is the practical utopianism of Colin Ward and Paul Goodman, two inventive, creative subversives whose reflections on education, squatting, urban design, gardening and a whole host of other issues continues to inspire community-action groups. Ward, in particular, took his lead from Kropotkin, whose critique of the state (in The State its Historic Role and Mutual Aid) pointed to the possibilities of co-operation, local initiative and the development of non-hierarchical organisations. Not quite the big society. Practical anarchy not only by-passes government, it also develops its own moral rules and it challenges market-capitalism.

I did fear Kropotkin was going to loose his 'cutting edge ' when Tory 'thinker' David Willets appeared on Andrew Marr's Radio 4 programme to extol Kropotkin's insights back in 2008. No doubt Lord Bonkers who was around when Prince Peter Kropokin lived in Bromley and has some interesting reminiscences to share......

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