Wednesday, 23 March 2011

The implications of Labour Budget folly in Sefton

On Thursday we have a full council meeting (papers here) and my ward colleague has submitted a motion:

Notice of Motion by Councillor Shaw 

 To consider the following motion submitted by Councillor
“This Council notes:
1. That the Labour Party is the second largest party on
Sefton Council and holds 40% of the places in the
Cabinet, including the crucially important portfolio of
Children’s Services, where much of the public concern
over potential spending cuts has been centred;

2. That over the last 6 months the Labour Party has
voted against (and is recorded in the Council Minutes
as voting against) over 80% of the proposed painful,
but necessary, reductions in Council spending, but
without suggesting a single alternative;

3. That the shortfall amounted to £36.8 million out of the
required savings of £44.2 million, and that this shortfall
would have required the Labour Party to increase
Council Tax by 29%, taking the Band D Council Tax
(including precepts) from £1477.68 to £1904.78, an
additional £427.10 per year;

4. That such an increase would inevitably ultimately
involve the Council in being subject to “capping”, but
that in the meantime council tax payers would be
legally required to pay the increased monthly
instalments of (for example) an extra £42.71 per
month for Band D householders; and

5. That “capping” would have resulted in significant extra
re-billing costs and that even more severe mid-year
cuts would need to have been made in order to
achieve a balanced budget.

This Council believes that all parties on Sefton Council,
particularly those holding places in the Cabinet, have a
responsibility to behave responsibly in current circumstances,
particularly in relation to budgetary matters.”

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