Thursday, 24 March 2011

Ex Southport Tory MEP ordered to pay back £345,000

The BBC carries a news story about Ex Southport man and former MEP Den Diover (He is seen in our photograph with Ainsdale resident and former Birkdale Tory Candidate who is to fight Kew Ward for the Tories in May- Cath Regan)

The European Parliament launched a probe in 2008 after it emerged Mr Dover had paid nearly £1m to a company, MP Holdings, which included his wife and daughters among its directors.

The money came from allowances MEPs receive to pay staff salaries and costs.

The parliament ruled that only £421,156 could be justified in salaries, National Insurance and legitimate staff travel expenses - and the remainder was "without justification".

It demanded £538,290 back but Mr Dover, who represented the North West of England in Brussels and is a former MP for Chorley in Lancashire, appealed to the European Court of Justice in Luxembourg.

Chris Davis deserves much credit for bringing Mr Dover to book. Dover protestations of innocence were an embarrassment to everyone associated with him.

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