Thursday, 31 March 2011

Consequences of Labour Folly

My good friend Peter Hough has beaten me to blogging about the letter in today's Liverpool Post from Joe Anderson the Labour Leader of Liverpool City Council. In it Joe is responding to the Militants who urged him not to set a budget and to take on the government he writes:

There is no such thing as not implementing the government cuts.
Government gives the city 80% of its funding through different types of
grant. They have chosen to give Liverpool a 22% or £91m reduction. They
simply have not given us the money.

If someone’s household income is reduced by 22%, then they can’t just
ignore this, or they’d go bankrupt. If the city ignored its cut from
the Government, then quite simply we would run out of money by November
of this year, with no money to run social services or pay wages. That
chaos will not happen under my leadership.

Well under the Leadership of Peter Dowd  in Sefton that is the chaos that we may well have faced as he -despite being in the Cabinet-rejected almost every cut.

Peter's blog spells out the detail

I make one prediction-that the Champion will not cover the story!

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