Thursday, 17 March 2011

Bellway Homes Plans for 'Tommy Moore' site

Despite the plans for the new Bellway housing estate on Liverpool Road being submitted last Monday March 7th, many residents have complained they have not had access to them states Councillor Haydn Preece. 

"We have had concerns from residents on Liverpool Road about the danger of access to and from the new estate but residents have not been able to see the plans without travelling to Bootle which is wrong. After receiving a number of phone calls I have ensured the plans are on line now on the Sefton website and a hard copy is now in Ainsdale Library. Residents can organise a viewing at Southport Town Hall with the developments Case Officer Steve Faulkner who can be contacted on 0151 943081.

 However I have had to ask for my ward residents rather than this being a Southport development and therefore obviously the plan should have been available automatically at Southport Town Hall for our residents as soon as the plans were submitted. I do feel strongly that residents should have easy access to plans especially when they have attended consultation meetings and made a valuable in put."

The plans can now be viewed on line at:

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