Monday, 7 March 2011

Anger over Sefton Labour’s 29% Council Tax Rise Plan - £427 increase for Band D houses

Anger over Sefton Labour’s 29% Council Tax Rise Plan - £427 increase for Band D houses

On Friday last week I reported  on the Militant-like behaviour of Sefton’s Labour Group Leader Cllr Peter Dowd.

My Birkdale Ward colleague Councillor Simon Shaw (Chartered Accountant of this parish) has carried out a detailed forensic analysis of Sefton Labour’s truly appalling plans for Sefton’s finances.

Simon has produced some fascinating workings which show that Labour’s approach would have cost local residents a massive hike in Council Tax of no less than 29%.

  • Under Labour, Band D Council Tax would rise from £1477.68 to £1904.78 – a rise of 29%
  • Each monthly instalment would rise by £42.71, that’s £10 per week extra
  • Labour’s Band B Council Tax would rise from £1149.31 to £1481.50, an increase of £332.19 per year

Simon comments: “It’s on the record, in Sefton Council’s official minutes, that Labour voted against over 80% of the savings that needed to be made.”

“In fact, of the £44 million of required savings, Labour voted against £36.8m.  Worse than that, they offered not a single alternative way of reducing spending.”

“I completely agree with Iain’s concerns about the spectre of Derek Hatton and the Militant Tendency hanging over Merseyside again.  I worked in the centre of Liverpool in the 1980s and saw exactly the sort of financial deceit they engaged in.”

Simon has prepared detailed calculations which explain why Labour’s plans mean a 29% rise in Council Tax and I will post them tomorrow.


  1. Anger from who? There are no proposals to raise council tax, it's frozen anyway. And no-one except you and Simon is angry about it!

  2. "The Council Tax is only frozen because Lib Dems (and Conservatives) on Sefton Council voted to make savings of £44 million. Sefton Labour councillors opposed 80%+ of those savings. If Ged isn't angry that Labour's conduct would have meant a 29% Council Tax rise if they got their own way, then he certainly in a small minority."


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