Monday, 7 March 2011

£54 K for Labour chair. More to follow...............................

My good friend Jack Colbert has drawn to my attention this article by Solicitor Rex Makin in the Liverpool Echo.

AT a time of cutbacks across all public bodies, one bastion against change stands firm. The Merseyside Integrated Transport Authority (MITA) has a members’ allowance system seemingly written on tablets of stone since the good old days.
Last year its affable chairman, councillor Mark Dowd, received over £54,000 in various allowances. Unlike other authorities, members can receive more than one Special Responsibility Allowance (SRA) for additional jobs such as chairing a committee. Unlike those other bodies, deputy chairs of its multifarious committees also get one. At the moment recipients are all Labour councillors. In the recent past, a few SRAs devolved to a small number of Merseyside Tories who formed a coalition with Labour to keep the largest group, the Lib Dems, from heading up the Authority.

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  1. Your reference to a past alliance between Merseyside Tories and Labour to keep the Lib Dems out in the cold reminds me of a similar situation in Derby a couple of years ago.

    Pretty much the same situation existed briefly,until discontented Labour voters, in a magnificent display of bloody-mindedness, took their votes to the Lib Dems. Approached by a local news team for a rsponse, the leader of the Labour group very intelligently remarked on camera that he would have to consult the Tories before commenting as "we`re not masters of our own ship here"!

    (The Lib Dems fell from grace due to a local matter, and, amazingly, the Tories are currently the dominant group, though I suspect not for long).


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