Friday, 4 February 2011

Lord Robertson of Lydiate ?

The Daily Post this morning records Mike Storey's elevation to the peerage :

FORMER Liverpool city council leader Mike Storey took his seat in the House of Lords yesterday.
He was sworn in “by the grace of God” as Baron Storey of Childwall in our city of Liverpool” amid all the pomp and grandeur of a packed Upper Chamber.

His sponsors in the ceremony were fellow veteran Liberal Democrats Baroness Shirley Williams and Lord Rennard.

It is good to see a working peer from the North. In the past many of us have been critical of the party's nomination and going back to my youth some of them were frankly bizarre. We don't want folk who just turn and do nothing. In the period until the chamber is abolished it is important that they take their responsibilities seriously and that the party uses its nominations to appoint people 'fit for purpose'. It is a pleasure to record that in Mike's case his long track record gives us every confidence he will be a real asset.

I sincerely trust that by the time our own Council leader steps down the House of Lords will be no more. Mind you progress in this area of reform has always been snail like. Who would have thought that after more than a decade of Labour government we would still have hereditary peers?  Mind you if you watched Jack Straw cock up the process of reform it is a wonder that any progress was made. So if the we are still appointing life peers I can think of some Council Leaders 'fit for purpose'..................

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