Wednesday, 23 February 2011


The BBC is carrying a story about political co operation in Liverpool.  We yearn for Bootle Labour Party to be as constructive and sensible. Instead they have chosen to be opportunistic and to play to the gallery of each and every protester. The BBC story begins:

The two main political parties in Liverpool are to unite to tackle the £100m government funding cut the city faces over the next two years.
Ruling Labour and the recently usurped Liberal Democrats are planning to devise a joint budget and "put aside" any politics.
"We are facing the biggest challenge in our history, it's like a war time spirit," deputy leader Paul Brant said.
Lib Dem leader, Warren Bradley, agreed: "We need to protect the vulnerable."
The two party leaders have agreed in principle to work together on the budget, and Mr Bradley expects this to be ratified by his cabinet on Friday morning.

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