Monday, 21 February 2011

The heir to Barberism comes in at No2

Featured on Liberal Democrat VoiceOur report on the ructions in Southport Tories was the second most visited LibDem blog last on the measure used to calculate these matters over at Lib Dem Voice. There was a time when Southport Liberals used to go around the town mattering darkly that the time had come when Sandgrounders should be saved from Barberism. Well it has taken several generation but the antics of Mrs Porter et al have certainly fulfilled that ambition with the resignation of Lady Lesley Watson from Southport Conservatives. As our original report said:

.She comes from arguably  Southport`s  most influential political family. Her grandfather was Sir Herbert Barber, three times Mayor of Southport, Leader of the Council for donkeys years,  knighted for services to Tory party in 1953. Her father was  Harold Barber , Councillor 1949, Alderman 1961,Mayor 1966 and father in law of Sir Ron. And I might say in her own right she is a formidable women.

Thanks to Michael Braham for the historical research

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