Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Time to talk about the undeserving rich

MONDRAGON Corporation Innovation Gene - EFQM Bilbao 2010 from MONDRAGON Corporation on Vimeo.

Yesterday I suggested that Lib Dems ought to begin talking out how they would act differently in Government if they were not sharing power with Conservatives. Clearly the whole area of economics give real concern to Liberals and the impression that very important policy initiatives have had to be shelved. Of even more concern if the impression given by some that in exchange for some real gains in other areas they have swallowed the Conservative analysis as well as their prescription in economic areas.

I was recently re-reading the Liberal Pamphlet 'Ownership for all' published in the 1930's when the arguments about state control from Socialists and Fascists were at their height. Leaving aside for the moment the commitment to widespread and compulsory rights of workers to share in the control and profits of their enterprises that the Liberal party came to adopt and the profound impact that would have on the dominance of the investor model of ownership, the things that stands out was the belief in widespread and radical redistribution of wealth.

Jo Grimond whose thinking was influenced by redistributionst thinker- like the Salford Liberal MP Belloc- was a great advocate of co ownership and common ownership of firms. He was much impressed by the activity of Mondragon, hense the video.

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