Thursday, 13 January 2011

Taking Coalition politics too far?

This comes under the category of : 'you couldn't make it up'

My old mate Jack Colbert sometime soldier, clown and Lib Dem Councillor, seen photographed here with Sir Ron Watson (recently suspended from the Tory group on Sefton Council and more recently resigned from Southport Conservative Association ) was invited to become chair of a local Conservative Club.

The Crosby Herald and my colleague Tony Robertson have the story. The Herald report Jack's comments:

“Last year a large number of the Conservative Club members asked me to become chairman because they were in dire straights and on the verge of administration.
“The Conservatives themselves wouldn’t help them.
“I said I’d take up the role as long as I didn’t have to swear allegiance and the members were fine with that. I was voted in unanimously.
“Now the committee have decided to de-affiliate themselves from the Conservatives and this will be confirmed at a meeting on February 23.”

he went on:
“I only go for three reasons; because there’s cheap ale, good snooker tables and no Conservatives!”

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