Saturday, 29 January 2011

Planning application for Kew houses expected in spring 2011

One of the biggest battles in Southport in recent years has been over housing. For decades a plot of land at Kew has been identified for housing. In the town we have a desperate need for new affordable homes and this plot was always part of the overall plan. The Tories fought the most shameless and cynical campaign against the project. There candidate with the the support of some of their councillors were putting out leaflets and knocking on doors to oppose the scheme whilst in the council chamber they voted for it! If challenged they just got annoyed and didn't even try to answer the obvious contradiction in their behaviour. Our candidate in that election was Maureen who stood up to their populist antics and won through.
This week I had a report back on the consultation with local residents. I have to confess that the first phase was non too brilliant. A website has been established for those interested in the scheme:

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