Wednesday, 12 January 2011

More on Southport Tory suspensions

More details of the bizarre suspension of three Councillors from the Sefton council group to today's Visiter. It appears that the have left Southport Conservative Party though not the national Party. I see that the chair of Southport Cons is now Terry Jones. I am sure that is wholly unrelated the the crisis that is engulfing Southport Tories (and lets have no Marks brothers style jokes please).I am further informed that the small Cabal that is the Southport Con Exec is even more unrepresentative of local Conservatives than even I imagined and a significant proportion of the group don't even come from within the constituency! Meanwhile it is also being suggested that young Mr Martyn Barber is the man charged with executing the plan to exclude the three. It has even been put to me by usually reliable sources that Alf Doran's departure was in part prompted by the belief that Porter -Parry intended to have him deselected and replaced by the said Mr Barber after he looses his seat in Manor Ward in May.
All this adds credence to Les Byrom's accusation about the nasty back biting and general intolerance of Southport Tories. It doesn't sound like a place you would voluntary spend time.


  1. You have imaginative minds and a good sense of humour gents, I'll give you that. All good fun.
    What about Jack? I hear there is a new definition for hypocrite in the English Dictionary, it just says Jack Colbert. Labour will win Molyneux anyway so I really don't know why he is bothering, that is why Tony has fled to Park ward.

  2. You sound about as complacent as the Tories in Ainsdale.


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