Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Game to try

By way of light relief I thought I might return to one of the blogs occasional postings on food. This theme began with the demise a a so called political blog in Sefton that seemed to carry more comment on food than politics. I was prompted by Marl Valladares who along with me was shortlisted for a Blog of the Year Award in the Category for Lib Dems holding elected office. Mark blogs at Liberal Bureaucracy where last week he began a posting:

Doesn't this look delicious? It's a brace of pot roasted pheasants, the sort of thing you see on those rather fancy cookery programmes. The only catch is that they're quite expensive and one pheasant only really feeds two people.

Or not, if you live in mid Suffolk, where an oven-ready pheasant costs £3.00, and there is plenty of game available, supplied by people who shoot for sport or as pest control. And at that price, braised in madeira, for example, they become very reasonable.

Now in Birkdale pheasants can be had for a similar price from the fish monger in the village and this Christmas I tried a game pie (top picture) I've left a tea cup on the table to give you some idea of scale. 

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