Saturday, 29 January 2011

Full Council -the sideshow

I shall write a proper review of the full Council meeting held on Thursday which lasted until midnight. But for now let me concentrate on a side show-the Tory split. Now that the three most effective Tory Councillor have been suspended and have themselves resigned from Southport Conservative Association we all waited to see how that would play out.
Well, if I were giving marks to the various groups I would say that for content on the night the dissidents score 8 and the official Conservatives 3.5, for presentation dissidents 9.5 and official Conservatives 2. Bonus marks must go on the night to the dissidents who produced two motions both of which were relevant and appropriate and both of which they secured a vote in favour.
There is really no contest. If Central office had sent an observer I fancy they would have been down on their knees begging the dissidents to return and offering any concession they cared to mention. Regicide in in the air. I understand there is an appeal to the National Party.............................................

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