Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Children of Keynes not Thatcher..................

Mathew Paris last week reported on a speach by John Major on the future of conservatism in which the former Prime Minister picked out three issues.

“ The former Prime Minister said: (1) that Britain should stop kow-towing to the Americans; (2) that before the next election the coalition should formalise an electoral pact to protect the most vulnerable Lib Dem seats: ie, campaign for a renewed, post-election coalition; and (3) that Britain's independent nuclear deterrent is hard to justify in the 21st century and the money could better be spent elsewhere on defence. ”

All of which is interesting. Parris was praising Clegg again later in the week and asserted that Clegg had in essence accept the Conservative economic position. Most of us would beg to differ. As Chris Huhne said to a Liverpool Conference fringe meeting if the economic weather changed then the policy would have to change. To date the chances of a 'double dip' recession seem to be receding but if there was a faltering in private sector growth or if regions remote from the SE suffer then we would require government action-even if that offended the small state minority in the party.

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