Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Southport, Lancs., thanks

I went to the Post Office on Liverpool Rd the other day to post a parcel for which I required proof of posting. I was gratified that when the postmaster handed me the receipt it showed that i had posted the parcel in Southport, Lancashire. One of the most economically damaging bits of legislation for our town came back in the early '70's when a county boundary was introduced divorcing us from our natural hinterland. Over the last 40 yrs the communications through the narrow corridor to the South have been maintained and enhanced whilst those to the North and the East have not. This is particularly true of the rail links. Not only has this meant we have ceased to be the tourist/shopping destination of choice for  many of our closest neighbours it has also separated us from our hospital facilities many of which are in Ormskirk.

On the council our group have been striving to repair the damage done by cultivating good relations with our Lancs neighbours. My colleague Tony Robinson met up with the leader of West Lancs today and his report is here. Of course all the emphasis on the city region which forces us into ever closer union with Merseyside and cements the divorce from Lancashire doesn't help, but if the government can resist the temptation to micro manage local authorities and free us up to co operate constructively with our closest neighbours then there is hope..........

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  1. Iain

    I'm surprised she did not accuse you of bulling!!


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