Thursday, 28 October 2010

Will Labour remove this article from their website ?

The coalition announced yesterday that the Thornton relief road will go ahead.

The week before the Labour MP for Sefton Central claimed on his website:

'Although the Labour government had given the go-ahead to the project at the start of this year the Tory-Lib Dem coalition government announced the axeing of the Thornton Relief Road project as part of its first round of cuts.

Bill this week branded the cut to the relief road project short-sighted and said the move would damage the local economy'

Labour didn't in fact give the approval. All that ever happened was that Labour engineered a number of media announced over the last thirteen years about the road. This one was on 'gateway approval'. I didn't lead to one meter being built. In the dying days of the Labour government they did dispatch a senior civil servant to the region to warn that this and other schemes were under threats because of the cuts that Labour were proposing. It is also known that because of all the spending that Labour were protecting/ ring fencing transport was down to take a bigger hit than it has under the coalition.

We will be keeping a watch on Mr Esterman's website to report the contortions he now goes through to justify his utterances that have proved not to be correct.

My view is that Esterson's failed attempt to play politics with this issue are an embarrassment. Let us hope he has learned his lesson.

And before the pedants write in I know there is not a 'e' in axing, but Mr Esterson's difficulty with spelling is the least of my concerns and anyway who am I to criticize ?

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