Sunday, 31 October 2010

Shirley Williams describes David Grace as a 'kindly Liberal Democrat'

Shirley Williams told the Radio 3 interviewer this lunch time that a 'kindly Liberal Democrat' had given her a button which quoted her view that we were not in bed with the Tories and that there were two beds not one. The kindly Liberal Democrat was our old friend the Disgruntled Radical, David Grace. David is establishing quite a reputation for such gestures, first he gives David Laws a 'knife sharpener' so as to make precise cuts and that is well reported in the media  and now he has Shirley telling the world (well the radio 3 audience) about the badges he produced for Conference. What will he think of next?
The programme was Radio 3's Private Passions. It is a thoroughly delightful way to pass an hour-in my case usually in the kitchen preparing Sunday lunch. Since Kirsty Young took on the Roy Plumley role in Desert Island Discs I find the Radio 3 programme a lot more satisfying. This week's guest was Shirley Williams (you have seven days left to listen again here). The bit where she talks about David's badge come at the end.

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