Friday, 1 October 2010

Rubbish signs for temporary Library

I was speaking to an elderly lady who was visiting Southport last week. She had come with a party from Birmingham and was staying for a week. She was full of praise for the town-it is good sometimes to see us they way others see us. We met in a bookshop. She was trying to buy a large print book without much success. She told me the Library was shut. Well of course we have an excellent temporary library. I directed her and on my way looked at the signage. I had raised the matter very early on with the council and sadly if you approach the Atkinson Library from the Town Hall side there are NO signs

After cabinet on Thursday I pointed this out to the senior officer in charge of that department and I have his reply:

I have forwarded your comments to our Library Service, who are chasing
the contractor to improve the signage. I checked the hoardings and
outside the library there are two signs informing people about the
Temporary Library however they do contain a lot of information and are
therefore not particularly visible from a distance.

I've asked that these signs are improved and that something is put on
the hoarding by the Cambridge Arcade entrance by the Town Hall.

Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.

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