Saturday, 2 October 2010

Labour MP digs very deep hole

I note that in this week's Crosby Herald Bill Esterson (Labour Sefton Central) comes out with something which implies that one (at least) of the following four must be lying:

  • Margaret Carney
  • Tony Robertson
  • Bill Esterson
  • Sadiq Khan

The Esterson quote is this:

"One of my first tasks upon arrival in Manchester was to speak directly to former Labour Transport Minister Sadiq Khan about the Thornton Relief Road.  Despite there being much confusion on this issue in Sefton, he confirmed personally that he approved the long-needed road before the election.  Consclusive proof that the road was one of the first victims of the Conservative-Liberal Democrat government."

I have to say that Mr Esterson is playing a very silly game. I don't know if such behaviouris acceptable in Kent where he comes from but in these parts a little more straight forward dealing is appreciated. My colleague Tony Robertson outlines the issues:  

Bill Esterson MP does not know when to give up or more to the point
that he should stop digging when in a hole.

Can I once and for all state that the previous Labour Government did
not give full approval for the Switch Island Link Road. It gave
approval known as 'Programme Entry'. I realise that Mr Esterson is
trying to spin this to say that it was full approval but he is wrong
and I think he knows it. Not only that but it was a senior civil
servant from the Dept. of Transport working for a Labour Government
told Sefton's Chief Executive that the project was being shelved on
12th February, three months before the election.

Sadly Mr Esterson is breaking down the all-party support for the Link
Road by his continual sniping. Give it a rest Bill and put the spade
away or you will have dug to the centre of the earth soon.

Yours sincerely

Cllr. Tony Robertson
Lib Dem Leader on Sefton Council

The folly of the situation is that if Labour had carried our Mr Darling's deficit reduction plan and cut the billions he indicated were necessary then the axing of the Thornton link road would almost bound to have been included. We are told by Ed Milliband that he accepts the Darling plan. This puts Esterson in the altogether unenviable position of denying the need to deal with the deficit. If he thinks all he has to do is shout 'cuts, cuts, cuts' he will soon have no reputation for economic competence.  

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