Thursday, 14 October 2010

17,500 immigrants come to Southport. Welcome!

When you live in a place you tend not to notice the things which when visitors arrive they marvel at-in Southport the autumn invasion of pink footed geese fall into that category.

They begin to arrive in early September. Every morning around 8.00am they fly over my house, a great raucous mass of them.

Vera Marsden, who lives close by, has written a posting on the local RSPB blog :

From about 8am. for the next 2 hours, the Pink-Feet must have flown over Birkdale in anything from batches of 1,000's to the solitary 1 playing 'catch up' at 10'ish. Wonderful, with the sun on their bellies.

Vera reckons that there were 17,500 pink footed geese on the Ribble estuary. Apparently there is going to be an 'Icelandic Goose Census' in Lancashire next Monday so we will get 'official figures

You can find out more on the website of the Marshside Reserve. I must admit to being a little 'chuffed' by the success of this reserve. 30 years ago I was party to forming a campaign group called 'Friends of Crossens Marsh'. There was a real danger that planning permission was going to be granted for houses on  the salt marshes at Crossens and Marshside. I landed up chairing the group and speaking at the enquiry that led the marshes being included in the Green Belt.

One day soon, if I get my act together, I will have the video camera ready when they fly over. The sound they make is as spectacular as the sight of them

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