Wednesday, 15 September 2010

email from France brings news of BOTY and Lynton Rd crossing

An email from France where one of my fellow Birkdale councillors is meant to be holidaying brought news of that Birkdale Focus has been shortlisted for the Blogger of the Year Awards in the category for Lib Dem holding Public Office.

The full shortlist is:

A Lanson Boy by Alex Folkes

Liberal Bureaucracy by Mark Valladares

Check it out for yourself and you will see that the competition is very tough. Many thanks to everyone who has supported the blog since it began in March 2007. In those days it's chief purpose was to chronicle the unbelievable antics of the local Tories. At that stage none of us realised the extent to which they would self destruct. In recent times we have broadened our scope and our readership

Talking of the BOTY can I commend Nick Thornsby's blog which has been shortlisted in the best new blog category. I am sure that I am not alone in checking out his late night reports from the Electoral Court sitting in Saddleworth which is investigating Phil Woolas. In fact I know some folk who have even join twitter with the sole intention of following his reports!

Anyway back to Simon's email, remember that this man is meant to be on holiday with his family, but not only has he spent time checking out LDV for the BOTY nominations he has also been chasing Richard and me about casework. So if your reading this Simon, yes we understand your point out Waterloo Rd crossing and the impact on Lynton Rd. My advice is to you is to switch off, enjoy the good food and wine and the company of your family and we will take care of the case work till you get back.

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