Monday, 27 September 2010

Birkdale's part in the Beveridge Plan

The Liberal Party was ill prepared for the 1945 election. They had argued in vain that the war time coalition should continue until Victory in Japan had been achieved. It was not to be and the party suffered badly despite high expectations. In Southport Bob Martin was the Parliamentary Candidate and at a meeting held on 15th of June he read out a letter from William Beveridge, then the Liberal MP for Berwick on Tweed:

'I am more than sorry not to able to visit Southport during the Election because I will miss re-visiting one of the scenes of my childhood. With my sister I was left for three years in a small school in Southport from an age of 4 to 7 whilst my parents were in India. If, as many psychologists say, these are the most critical formative years of life, then Southport is largely responsible for everything I had done, including the Beveridge Report!

We know from Jose Harris's biography that the school was in Birkdale. I passed this information on to a local historian preparing a book on Birkdale Common, but sadly I couldn't find the reference.

Photo of Beveridge with Violet Bonham Carter both of whom insucessfully fought the 1945 election

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