Monday, 23 August 2010

Southport Flower Show update and photos

By any measurement Southport Flower Show was a great success this year. Broadly speaking the weather was fine, the trains ran -even Northern Rail seems to have got its act together. Hotels and resturants did good trade and the 'glamping' offer was well patronised.

The show itself was excellent with record numbers of entries in the competition sections. Personally I still think more could have been done for the younger gardener.

The food village has expanded and the increased number of trade exhibitors were very well recieved-with my personal favourite The Port of Lancaster Smokehouse almost selling out of kippers!(we'll forgive them for bring Morcambe Bay shrimps to Southport)

The Bloomin Book Festival got off to a good start and the breadth of entertainment had built on previous successes.

I was surprised at the limited nature of the 'Allotment' exhibits given the massive surge of interest in people growing there own. In fact my impression is that last year was better. The Floral Arts exhibits were amazing and designed around the theme of the coast.

There are more photos if you click on this picture of Tess Gerritsen speaking at the Bloomin Book Festival:

flower show '10

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  1. The photo's of the show look great. We have been writing about the flower-shows here in the UK plus some general gardening tips and have particular interest in self-sustainability. We are sorry we missed writing about the Southport Flower Show and would like to give the show a mention retrospectively this year and of course mention the show next year - if you want to let us know the dates nearer the time.

    Sounds like all had a good day.


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