Thursday, 12 August 2010

New Labour MP must do more homework

The new Labour MP for Formby, Crosby and Maghull, Bill Esterson, has obviously picked up a lot of bad habits as a long-term councillor in Kent. In a recent letter to the Formby Times and Crosby Herald he made the strange allegation that Labour had no role in the running of Sefton Council, saying this:

“The Tories and Lib Dems run both the government and the council and are the only ones who can either make the cuts or stop the cuts.”

 The Porter Parry Tory leadership have often relied on the Labour party on Sefton Council  as we have previously documented at length, you do rather wish that Mr Bill Esterson MP had done more to acquaint himself with the political history of our area.

Anyway my Birkdale Ward colleague, Simon Shaw, has written to the Formby Times and Crosby Herald in the following terms to put the record straight:

Dear Editor,

In his recent letter (Formby Times 28.7.10; Crosby Herald 5.8.10) new MP Bill Esterson refers to Sefton Council being “run by the Tories and Lib Dems”. Not so!

In fact the Council is run by a three party administration with a Cabinet of 4 Lib Dems, 4 Labour and 2 Conservatives.

I appreciate that until a month or so ago Mr Esterson was a councillor in Kent, and is understandably poorly informed, but he would be well advised to check his facts before putting pen to paper.

For example, just last Thursday, Labour and Conservatives councillors voted together in Sefton’s Cabinet (over Liberal Democrat opposition) to spend £7 million the Council doesn’t have on two schemes – one in Southport and one in Bootle.

These two schemes (one a market redevelopment, the other an activity centre) were perfectly desirable. However, the simple fact is that Sefton Council will have to make even larger cuts in the near future in other areas because of the profligacy shown last week by Mr Esterson’s Labour councillor colleagues and their Tory friends.

Yours sincerely

Councillor Simon Shaw (Lib Dem, Birkdale Ward)

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