Sunday, 8 August 2010

More allotments for Southport?

We continue our effort for more allotments in the borough. I was particularly pleased with the news that the may be expansion on the Town Lane site. Soil samples have been sent away and we are awaiting results which are due soon.
In the meantime a little photo of two heads of garlic grown by me on the Birkdale Irrigation site. It is that time of year when plot holders have lots of crops /surpluses to give away. Garlic is a very easy crop to grow and with so many varieties suited to the English climate now available it is well worth putting in  a row. I usually  plant in the autumn and get my supplies from the Isle of Wight Garlic farm-there are frequently  special offers in Kitchen Garden Magazine and the like. These two found their way in the the pot along with a shoulder of lamb, some veg and a bottle of red wine and shoved in a low oven (160) for 5 hours. 


  1. While I'm delighted to hear that the Allotments in Southport may be extended I'm still waiting to see the outcome of the Sefton wide allotment review. I made a contribution to the survey and suggested some additonal sites here in Formby would be worth investigating. I have heard nothing since my submission. Can you investigate this matter for me? The waiting list in Formby was 100+ and given the turnover rate I might make it sometime when I'm 95!

    Sean Brady

  2. Sean. Can I say that the whole allotment 'consultation' was not done well. In order to improve the quality of consultation Sefton agreed a common definition, drew up good practice guidelines, and established a panel to filter all such activities. Leisure Services ignored the process and did their own thing and, not surprisingly, cocked it up. The methodology was poor and you are not alone in having spent time contributing to the process and still be waiting for feedback. I have spent the afternoon on the plot and it has been mentioned to me.
    As a result of my protests there has been an apology and the new Cabinet Member, Mike Booth, will do his best to rescue the situation.
    So in answer to you direct question; yes I will chase it up.

    Good to hear from you


  3. I agree with Sean! I have suggested a suitable new allotment site in Crossens on land owned by the council. Been pressing this for months and months. Always being told that the "review" is still being done. Won't be surprised if there'no mention of my idea in the final document !

    These postings remind me to also chat to colleague Cllr Mike Booth, now Leisure cabinet member, about this subject.

    I join with Iain in saying how good it is to hear from you Sean.



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