Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Lib Dem Gardening Society

Roy Connell has emailed me (see below) he and Beth are part of a fast growing band of back garden allotmenteers which have sprung to life in recent years. Amongst their number are folk who are now putting their names down for allotment sites. I know my colleague Mike Booth is keen to expand the provision available and I have heard talk of the site off Town Lane being expanded. Kropotkin would approve. Anyway back to Roy. He has sent in a far superior picture to the one I posted yesterday. I am very impressed by the variety of crops they he and Beth are growing-and it is certainly brave to be growing carrots without them being covered up. I can only conclude that Ainsdale does not suffer from the ravages of the carrot fly in they way that the rest of the town does. Here is Roys mail:

'Just read today's blog and the story on your beans(painted lady) and yes
I agree with your daughter the photos from your phone are lousy !

I am attaching one that I took the other week from our little allotment
(at home ) this was Beth's idea but I have been drawn into it , we have
been going for a few years now and getting better all the time ( thanks
to advice from Dave Sumner and Pat) . We normally grow Potatoes , runner
beans , onions, carrots , cabbage if we can find the space, and this
year some leeks . Its very rewarding , and its amazing what crop you can
get from a small patch of land.'

We should add that the Southport Flower Show has a 'Grow Your Own' section including a demonstration allotment.

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